The Triple-S Clock Mainspring Winder

The Triple-S Mainspring Winder:

Safety Strength Simple design

A revolutionary new clock mainspring winder by Mervyn Passmore.

Based on the tool designed and built by Mervyn Passmore to wind springs manufactured by Meadows & Passmore, it brings commercial spring winding into the workshop.

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L'Estrapade de Ressort-Moteur Triple-S
Triple-S Clock Mainspring Winder by Mervyn Passmore


User safety is paramount. Unlike more traditional designs, this winder operates vertically and the spring is enclosed within an open safety cage formed by carefully located pillars. All mainsprings, whether new or old, can fracture when wound. By enclosing the spring in a safety zone, risk of personal injury is significantly reduced. Most traditional winders operate with the spring coiled in front of the operator's face, and human error, component failure or spring fracture can result in serious injuries.


Constructed from heavy gauge steel on a thick plywood base, very powerful clock and gramophone springs can be wound with ease. No plastic handles, knobs or levers. No flimsy click springs.

Simple design

Deliberately designed to avoid expensive and delicate components wherever possible, this winder is so simply constructed it can be purchased in kit form or even as plans. The kit version now means that a mainspring winder is within reach of almost every repairer and enthusiast.


- Winds and unwinds left and right handed hole end and loop end springs as well as gramophone springs with hub centres.

- Fits and removes springs from barrels up to 70mm in diameter, 55mm wide and up to 0.70mm thick.

- Over 20 sizes of optional retaining barrels are available. Unlike most retaining barrels, the winder uses 'open' retainer rings that can be fitted and removed while the spring is still in the winder.


Professional: 1618 000115

Fully assembled winder with standard and extra long winding handles, standard and large adjustable arbors, Gramophone hub arbor, 6 popular retaining barrels and leather gloves. Full instructions included.

Trade: 1618 000215

Easily assembled using a screwdriver and two spanners, everything included in the Professional model is provided with the exception of the extra long handle, large arbor, gloves, hub arbor and largest retaining barrel. Full instructions included.

Hobby: 1618 000315

To keep this model more affordable no baseboard is supplied. The purchaser must obtain an 18mm plywood base 290mm square and drill the holes needed using the template provided. Self assembly is required but all parts are supplied ready to use. Only four retaining barrels, the standard handle and standard arbor are included. Full instructions included.

Kit: 1618 000415

For those wishing to keep the cost to an absolute minimum but purchase everything needed, the kit is ideal. Blank components are provided, and construction will require numerous twist drills, taps, dies and other conventional workshop tools. Baseboard not supplied. The spring hook and standard arbor are beyond the scope of many constructors and are supplied ready to use.

Plans: 1618 000515

Full plans are available for those wishing to build their own winder. The winder design is protected and the plans are sold as a license to build one single tool for personal use only. Full instructions included.


All the components of the winder are for sale individually and anyone who has purchased a winder, kit or plans can buy any part they need.

Over 80% of the parts have already been manufactured.





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